Xbox Recruits Lebron James & Fans To Project A New Space Jam

In anticipation of Space Jam: A New Legacy, Xbox teams with LeBron James will be looking for ideas for an arcade-style game that will be released along with the film.

Xbox, Rabbit Curler, and Other Ocean Interactive team up to produce an arcade-style game based on Space Jam: New Legacy and they look for ideas from players everywhere. The film will hit theaters in summer 2021 along with a one-month stay at the streaming service HBO Max.

In 1996, video games were in a very different place than now, but was authorized a game based on the original Space Jam equal. Appearing on PlayStation, Sega Saturn and MS-DOS computers, the original Space Jam game was released by Acclaim Entertainment. The game used the engine of NBA Jam Extreme for its basketball segments and also included drawing mini-games to separate the action. As one would expect from a licensed game in the mid-90s, the reviews were not kind, with critics saying the minigames don’t match the basketball action.

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In 2020, Xbox and LeBron James want to create a new game worthy Space Jam name. In a new contest announced with a trailer for Xbox Wire, James is breaking the rules for some interested gamers. Xbox has created a website where players can choose from a wide range of genres and submit their ideas for the game. The choices go beyond just simple basketball simulation, including eclectic combinations like “Strategic Tactics” and “Puzzle Gun.”

The contest website reveals that Other Ocean Interactive will be developing the finished product, and the game will launch Xbox Game Pass along with the release of the new Space Jam. The two contest winners will receive their name in the game’s credits as well as an exclusive winner’s package with signed and authenticated memorabilia from LeBron James, Space Jam: New Legacy merchandise, Nike VIP packages, personalized Xbox Series S console, private friends and family screening of the film, and Microsoft’s virtual code rock workshop for their local community. As part of the promotion with Space Jam, Microsoft Stores across the country will also host coding workshops hosted by actors from the film.

This promotion between Xbox and Space Jam: New Legacy it’s a big deal, and a commitment to listening to fans and not just earning the easiest authorized game. Licensed games in the last decade have usually lived on mobile phones, but there is a movement back to traditional consoles as games like Fortnite show the power of cross-advertising on consoles as well. A long time has passed since the original Space Jam released, and game demographics have grown to previously unthinkable numbers in the meantime between then and now. It will be interesting to see where Space Jam: New Legacy on Xbox lands in terms of gameplay and direction as a result.

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Source: Xbox Wire

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