WWE RAW: 5 major news

From the hide-and-seek game of Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton to Lana in the face of their fears against Our Jax, this week’s edition of WWE RAW featured many contrasting moments.

The Red Mark presented a fun home episode in front of WWE TLC, which was well received to excite WWE fans for this Sunday’s pay-per-view. There have been some notable snippets from most segments or matches that aired this week, although a number of backup decisions have been questioned after the show ended.

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Here are the top five news stories from this week’s WWE RAW episode (December 14, 2020).

# 5: Jaxson Ryker returned to the main list as a follower of Elias at WWE RAW

The star of the Forgotten Sons, Jaxson Ryker, was removed from WWE TV after he made some controversial comments during the Black Lives Matter movement earlier this year.

While Steve Cutler and Wesley Blake of The Forgotten Sons became King Corbin’s mercenaries on WWE SmackDown, Ryker returned in a recent episode of Main Event along with Elias.

In that particular Main Event episode, 24/7 cheats took over Elias and Ryker’s segment. A similar variation of that scenario played out at this week’s WWE RAW, as R-Truth’s unintentional interruption invited several WWE superstars to come out and chase the 24-year-old champion.

Of those superstars, Gran Metalik was attacked by Jaxson Ryker to end the segment.

Elias and Ryker’s partnership stems from the fact that The Drifter is lit up after an electrocution in the Symphony of Destruction match against Jeff Hardy.

Ryker chose the path Walk With Elias as part of The Drifter’s grand vision, and it looks like the two will appear together as a base duo on the Red mark from this point on.

Finally, Elias has a bodyguard who could protect him from uninvited guests during his WWE RAW concerts.

Published 15 Dec 2020, 15:27 IST