Why Chithra Hemnath’s husband arrested – Previous details of suicide attempt appear – Tamil News

The husband of the late actress Chithra, Hemnath, was arrested at midnight on Tuesday after five straight days of police investigation, which crusted him up for his inconsistent statements. More shocking details have emerged about the tragic death of Chithra, who killed himself in a hotel room near Chennai on 9 December.

Police after a long line of interrogation of Chithra’s parents, Hemnath’s parents and actresses and friends associated with her more or less concluded that it was her husband who pushed her to the limits by his irrational and reckless behavior.

It turned out that Hemnath was not happy about Chithra acting in intimate scenes in the series and many times including the day of her death in a drunken state went to the set and fought with her. At the same time Chithra’s mother hearing about Hemnath’s character also forced her to separate from him and cancel the wedding planned in February 2021 unaware that the couple had already registered their wedding in October.

Hemnath revealed in the police investigation that Chithra started building a new house in Thiruvanmiyur and also bought a luxury Audi car earlier this year. She was apparently shocked when the coronavirus pandemic forced a blockade for several months and the pressure to repay loans affected her.

Chithra and Hemnath’s engagement was done with close family members on both sides in August and the actress dreamed of a grand wedding inviting the celebrities of the film and television industry. She expected Hemnath to share the huge expenses for which he was not, and fought with her in this regard as well.

It is said that the final blow to Chithra was Hemnath forcing her to stop acting because he did not like her in scenes with male co-stars playing her partner. Chithra then a few months back attempted suicide by consuming sleeping pills but was treated in time and avoided death.

Unfortunately, the pressures of the man she loved the family she valued, the pandemic situation, growing debts, and most of all the threat to her acting passion, reportedly affected her heart and eventually took her life.