When Virat Kohli’s telephone bill was Rs.

You may have heard that a person’s phone bill comes to millions of rupees in a month, but if a phone bill comes to millions of rupees in an hour, everyone’s situation gets worse. This has happened once with Indian cricket team captain Virat Kohli. His one-hour phone bill had reached three lakh rupees. That too because of comedian Kapil Sharma. This was said by Virat Kohli on Kapil Sharma’s show ‘Comedy Nights with Kapil’.

Virat Kohli also appeared in an episode of Kapil Sharma’s show Comedy Nights with Kapil (Comedy Nights with Kapil), which appeared on Colors TV many years ago. Talking on the show, Kapil Sharma said to Kohli, ‘Virat Bhai, we have some photos of you. We want you to see them and tell you what the pictures are of that time. One picture showed Virat Kohli acting in Kapil’s popular dialogue Babaji’s Dullu. Seeing this picture, Virat Kohli said, ‘Sir, this is a craze, it is all over India, everyone in the cricket team sits and watches your program. And no one misses a single part. This means that our entertainment is the same.

Meanwhile, after looking at another picture, Virat told Kapil that it happened after 360 360 runs against Australia. Navjot Singh Sidhu, who was present on the show, said to Kohli, “You remember, in the end I have come to give the award and you were standing behind Babaji talking loudly and applauding.” In it, Virat said, “Yes, the villain is the same.” Virat said that after that game he put a caption that Australia scored 360 360 runs and in return they got praise from Babaji. “I never thought that cricketers would watch comedy even if they were so busy,” Kapil said.

In it, Virat will say, ‘When we get the chance, we are waiting, we are still watching your program. I have just been followed in Sri Lanka. We were waiting for the flight at the airport. I was lazy I thought man, there is nothing to see, nothing to do. It’s too late. There were some problems with the bag. So I didn’t pay attention. No WiFi at the airport, no connection. So I went to my own 3G cellular network.

Virat said, ‘I watched Comedy Nights One Hour International in Rome. An hour later my brother’s phone call. He asked what are you doing So I didn’t wait for anything in the lounge. My brother said, “Where did this phone bill of three lakh rupees come from?” Your phone is not lost. After this, Virat Kohli realized his mistake and used internet only to connect the phone to Wi-Fi instead of international roaming.

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