WhatsApp Tips and Ways to Send WhatsApp Messages by Hiding Real Mobile Numbers Don’t Harass Unwanted Calls and Messages

New Delhi, Tech Desk. WhatsApp Tips and Tricks: Privacy has become a major issue in the use of the instant messaging application WhatsApp. In fact, WhatsApp is used for every kind of work from payment, so your mobile number is shared with everyone you don’t know. Because of this, many times you receive anonymous calls and messages. However, this problem can be prevented. We tell you that WhatsApp users can use WhatsApp by hiding their mobile number behind their backs. Calling or messaging without any reason will be able to bother you.

Run WhatsApp using landline

WhatsApp can be operated by hiding the real mobile number. You will need to use a landline number for this. This means you can use WhatsApp using a mobile number. However, for this, the user will have to use the WhatsApp Business app. This means you can’t use a landline number on a regular mobile number.

How to use

  • Users will be able to use WhatsApp by registering a landline mobile number. For this, the user will have to download the WhatsApp Business app.
  • After WhatsApp is installed, the user will ask for OTP based registration. Then choose India code (+91) with landline number. But before that, delete 0. This means that if your mobile number is STD code with 022226565X XXXX, then you have to enter + 12 12226565412 XXXX.
  • After this, you will be sent OTT to the landline number by the nearest WhatsApp business app. Then you will get the message.
  • Wait until OTP is finished. Then select the Call me option for OTP authentication.
  • After this, the user will receive a call to the landline number for OTP authentication. Then the user has to enter the OTP and follow the next procedure.

Note – Users may encounter problems when using WhatsApp from a landline number. In fact the user will have to manually update the contact. However, compared to regular WhatsApp, using WhatsApp you can get many great features like auto-reply.

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