Video: Monal Gajjar Opens About Her Bad Separation

Monal Gajjar acted in five films in the Telugu film industry before being noticed with her “crying saga” in the Bigg Boss season 4.

She won a hit with her debut Telugu film Sudigadu and later appeared in Allari Naresh’s Bommali’s Brother. She starred in a couple of the Malayalam and Tamil films before switching to making Gujarati films.

Monal said she deliberately stayed away from South Cinema because she had a bad breakup with someone who belongs to a Malayalam cinema.

In her exclusive chat with GreatAndhra, the beauty Bigg Boss said that she fell in love with a Malayali man for six years and broke up with him, so she showed no interest in working in South Cinema. She did not, however, reveal her ex’s name.

“I was approached for a very interesting project right after the release of Bigg Boss and I’m looking forward to it. I’m still normal because Bigg Boss is an impressive experience both physically and mentally,” she said.

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