Vehicles without HSRP, color-coded stickers to be fined in Delhi: You need to know – Indian news

The Delhi transport department on Tuesday launched a drive to check vehicles driving without a high security registration plate (HSRP) and color-coded fuels. During the drive, authorities will fine criminals up to 10,000 rupees, which is compounded to 5,500 rupees under the amended Motor Vehicles Act.

By order of the court and government, setting of HSRPs and color-coded fuels is mandatory in Delhi. Vehicles registered before April 1, 2019 must have the HSRPs and sticker installed while new vehicles registered after the date come equipped with both. However, vehicles that have already applied for HSRP and color-coded stickers will not be fined on condition of presenting the registration form, which will be received after registration. As of now this applies to vehicles registered only in Delhi, other states are not included in this.

What is an HSRP license plate?

HSRPs are extra-based hologram plates made with a laser-stamped permanent identification number that cannot be copied. These are made by hot stamping on the number plates both front and back.

How can you update your recorders?

You can contact vehicle dealers authorized by the government. The lists are available on the website of the state transportation departments. Or, one is allowed to rendezvous with the chosen merchant.

What are color code fuels?

The color-coded fuels must identify vehicles based on their fuels. For example, vehicles running on CNG or gasoline must affix blue stickers. While diesel vehicles will have orange stickers.

The stickers also include details such as the registration number, the registration authority, a laser marked PIN, and the vehicle’s engine and chassis.