Uttarakhand to Provide Free Vaccine COVID-19 to 93 Thousand Health Workers

Preparations are being made to vaccinate 100 people in one booth, the official said. (Representative)


More than 93,000 health workers in Uttarakhand will receive a free coronavirus vaccine, Secretary of State for Health Amit Negi said on Tuesday.

He further said the Central Government has made it clear that no amount will be taken by health workers for the vaccine.

In the first phase of vaccination across the country, the center will provide about 20 lakh vaccines to the state, according to this, permanent and contract workers working in government hospitals, PRD (Prantiya Rakshak Dal) etc., as well as health workers in private hospitals, will receive a free vaccine.

In addition, one lakh workers, five lakh patients and 13 lakh elderly people will also be vaccinated, whether the patients will receive the vaccine for free or not, it has not yet been released.


They are preparing to vaccinate 100 people in one booth. The largest shop in the state is built in Dehradun, this center will have the capacity to carry millions of vaccines, followed by three regional centers in Udhamsinghnagar, Almora and Srinagar shops, in the more populated Haridwar district.

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