US bans Turkey for buying S-40000 missile system Russia President Erdogan’s bad days have begun, now the US has taken this big step.

Washington: The bad days of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who has opened a front against France on Islamic terrorism, have begun. Following the tightening of the European Union (EU), the US has now imposed strict sanctions against Turkey. The United States has said it wants Turkey to buy a Russian missile system. With the US move, Turkey will face problems in the coming days. At the same time, the EU is likely to take some more concrete steps against Turkey.

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says the United States has banned Turkey from purchasing Russian S40,000 surface-to-air missile systems. “Turkey has broken the rules, which has forced us to impose sanctions,” he said. The sanctions target the United States, particularly Turkey’s defense procurement agency, the presidency. Many officials of this organization have also been banned. Through this organization, Turkey monitors the purchase and sale of arms and monitors its development. In such a scenario, Turkey’s defense industry would suffer huge losses due to US sanctions.


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‘Settle Disputes Together’
Announcing the ban, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said, “Our actions send a clear message that everyone must abide by the rules.” Turkey is a valuable ally and the problem must be solved soon. “We have described to Turkey the dangers posed by the Russian S40,000 to the United States and we want them to work with us to resolve this dispute,” he said. Let us know that the United States has long been angry over the purchase of Turkey’s S40000 missile system. The United States has said Turkey violated rules when it buys surface-to-air missile defense systems. Turkey bought the S-00 missile system from Russia in 2011.

Will Erdogan’s attitude change?

The effects of the US sanctions on Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan can be seen. Because in the past they made it clear that Turkey would not compromise on the S-00. Some time ago, the President had said, ‘Whatever you want to ban, don’t delay. We were threatened when we launched the F-35. Now you are saying send S40,000 back to Russia, but we are not a tribal country, we are Turkey.