Tortoise Tsunami: ‘Tortoise Tsunami’ in Brazil, saw thousands of giant tortoise babies together – Brazilian tortoise tsunami, thousands of other tortoises appeared together in the Abufari Biological Reserve

Rio de Janeiro
Thousands of South American river turtles have been spotted along the river in Brazil. The Brazilian Wildlife Conservation Society has released a video of such a large number of turtles in one place. These turtles have gathered in a protected area on the banks of the Purs River, a tributary of the Amazon River. These are considered to be the largest freshwater giant tortoises in South America.

Turtles come here every year for breeding
The Wildlife Conservation Society reports that South American river turtles come to the area each year for breeding. It takes months for the eggs to hatch. After which they move from the sandy shore to the river. It is said that this cycle lasts for many days. Every day thousands of turtles hatch from their eggs and appear in similar flocks.

These turtles are in trouble because of the smuggling of meat and eggs
Members of the Wildlife Conservation Society take care of female adult turtles in this protected area. In addition, research is being done on turtles to improve the management and conservation of these endangered species. Ordinary people are not allowed in this area. Explain that the South American river tortoise population has been badly affected by the smuggling of meat and eggs.

The critical moment when turtles reach the river from their place of birth
Camilla Ferrara, an aquatic turtle expert at the Wildlife Conservation Society, says these giant South American river turtles are born that way. But, this is also the most critical moment of his life. In some areas, these turtles are struggling to save their species. These turtles appear together when their life journey begins, but they will later separate.

These turtles are part of the Amazon ecosystem
The Wildlife Conservation Society and ICMBIO are working together on the Abufari Biological Reserve in Brazil. When fully grown, these turtles can grow up to three and a half feet in length and weigh more than 0 kg. These turtles also play an important role in the ecosystem by spreading seeds in the Amazon forest. Which also helps the forest to flourish.