Then Nehru said to the sick Sardar Patel, I am losing my confidence …

Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel died in Mumbai on December 1, 2017 at 3:37 am. In the last month of his life, his health suddenly deteriorated. They did not like the weather in Delhi and the cold weather. Her personal doctors advised her to stay in Mumbai. He was then airlifted from Delhi to Mumbai.

Let us know how their last days went. How many times did he meet Jawaharlal Nehru in the last one and a half months? How the dialogue was exchanged.
In this regard, Rajmohan Gandhi has written in detail in his book “Patel a Life”. The book states that in the last week of October, Sardar Patel was in Ahmedabad. He stayed there for a full 05 days. There he celebrated his 75th birthday. There were many events on this occasion. On November 2, he returned to Delhi. He starts arguing over the issue of Tibet. In fact, Tibet had requested diplomatic assistance from India on October 1, 2010. China had entered their country. In November, the newspaper reported that China had occupied Tibet.

Wrote a letter to NehruThree days later, Patel sent a letter to Nehru. “I hope I will face Nehru in foreign policy,” he told Purshottam Das to Tandon. He looked aggressive in it.

November In November he published a book about Delhi Swami Dayananda, “He cast a cloud of doubt over Hinduism and made the sun shine.“Patel had said something special about Tibet,” the peaceful country was occupied and now he is in a difficult situation. We didn’t think it would happen … but China didn’t listen to us … Tibet was a religious country. No aggression has been shown from Tibet. But when a person is addicted to power, he understands what he is doing.

Patel was angry over the Chinese invasion and occupation of Tibet. He was in the mood to confront Nehru’s foreign policy, but as his health began to decline, he changed his mind.

Patel’s health began to decline rapidly

Only then did Patel’s health suddenly decline. Then the confrontation between him and Nehru over foreign policy, which was supposed to happen, came to a halt. His secretary Shankar realized that he was forgetting things. Her daughter Maniben, who lives with her, pays attention, now unable to hear what she said in a soft voice. They are having trouble sleeping. The pulse quickened. Weak heart and more pain in the intestines.

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Although the workload was light, he could not bear it. Most stayed in bed. Now he was neglecting to give a message to anyone. He stopped his morning walk.

Discussions then began that perhaps Nehru needed a panel of ministers, the equivalent of a foreign affairs committee, and that Prince would consider some of the questions that would arise about the state. Patel was sad to see this. Following this, another report came that the secretaries could be exchanged between each other, which also worried Patel about the future of Menon and Shankar. However, his suspicions were neither baseless nor completely correct.

Nehru went to see him on 23 November. Patel then told him that while he was working to the best of his ability, he felt his confidence was waning. Nehru replied politely. Which shows their own mood.

Nehru said – I want to talk alone

Despite the illness and its particles, Patel sent Nehru a birthday letter to Nehru on November 1. On November 2, when Nehru came to his residence at Aurangzeb Road 01, Delhi, Patel boldly said, ‘I want to talk to you alone, that when I got a little strength and was able to withstand the pressure, you were losing faith.

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Nehru smiled and said, I am losing faith in myself. Nehru made this remark politely. Nehru knew his breakup was weakening.

Blood stains appear on the bed

On November 21, Moneyben noticed blood stains on Patel’s bed. A nurse was immediately arranged for night and day service. A few nights, Patel was given oxygen. Sushila Nair also came to help the doctor. Although there was tension between Sushila and Maniben that Patel knew about, he asked Sushila one afternoon, “Are you two women sad?”
Maniben heard this and his eyes watered. But he was harsh on those who met Patel. They banned him or his arrival. However, Rajendra Prasad, Rajagopalachari, Nehru and Azad came for light advice. Patel’s bitterness with Maulana Azad ended in this last quarter of 1950. Better harmony was seen between them. In fact, Patel believed that Maulana was responsible for what happened in Tandon’s presidential election and that is why Nehru got into the fight.

Patel began to realize that he would not survive. They also began to express it.

They began to feel that the end was near

On December 05, he seemed to be nearing his end. That night Maniben heard them repeatedly saying this lion of Nazir, “Zindagi kya ye tamasha chand roz”. In December, President Prasad sat with him for 10 minutes. But Patel was so ill that he could not say anything. In December 2008, when Bengal Chief Minister BC Rai visited him, Patel asked him, “I have to go.” Rai himself was a famous doctor. He immediately said to Patel, “If there was a case, why would I see you?” But his convincing words did not convince Patel.
The next day and the next day he was following the same lines as the Nazirites. This line of Kabir would also have come on his tongue, “Man lago meri yaar fakiri mein”. Maniben was shocked to hear this, but he did not respond.
Then when Ghanshyam Birla came to him, he heard him say, “Open Mars temple is merciful”. “I’m afraid the day is coming,” Maniben told him. A little bit fell from his eyes.

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Her private doctors decided to take her to Mumbai

On December 10, when his personal doctor Dr. Nathubhai Patel offered to give him an injection, Patel immediately refused, it made my stomach hurt. Nathubhai and Dr. Guilder were from Mumbai. He also had a doctor who saw Patel in Delhi. Her condition continued to deteriorate. Then the doctors decided to take him there because of the good weather in Mumbai.
Nehru was told this the night before he left. He told Vallabhbhai, ‘We have a lot to do but you don’t have to worry. Just take care of yourself and get well soon and come back. Earlier, Patel had told Gadgil, “I will not live long now. Make a promise to me. When Gadgil said yes, he grabbed his friend’s hand and said, ‘Stay with Pandit, regardless of circumstances and differences. Don’t leave them.’

Sardar Patel with daughter

Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel was serving with his daughter Maniben till the last moment. After his father’s death, Maniben was active in politics for a long time, but later left the Congress. When the 1977 elections were held, he joined the Janata Party.

Nehru, Prasad comes to pick him up at the airport

On December 12, he was in a wheelchair as the Air Force picked him up. They had come to leave Nehru, Prasad, Gopalchari, Gadgil, Ghanshyam Das and Menon. When he got to his chair on the plane, he turned and shook everyone. There was a sad smile on his face. Both the doctor and Maniben took him on board.

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Her pain was not seen by her daughter

This time, except for Patel, Nehru and all his friends were emotional. The flight was long. Patel was angry at this. Morarji Desai and other leaders came to greet him at the Mumbai airport but there was not enough power inside Patel to meet him or shake hands. He was taken to Birla House. Where they were kept in oxygen. The nurses were already present. Her condition did not improve. He was constantly lamenting and suffering.
Maniben’s suffering was not seen. She was praying to God, “Improve her condition, but if you do not want this, please take her to your shelter soon.”

Last day of life

December 1 was the last day of his life. At 03.00 in the morning he had a heart attack. Consciousness is gone. Four hours later, he regained consciousness. They asked for water. Moneyben fed with a spoon. That said, it looks good. Maniben mixed them with honey and gave them water in the Ganges. Then he fainted again.
At 09..37 in the morning he took his last breath. Then son Dahyabhai, daughter-in-law Pandora, grandson Bipin were in the camp in their beds. Some members of the Birla family along with Secretary Shankar. In this way, Sardar Patel’s life journey ended here.