The girl expressed her free will, and the court sent her to her in-laws

Bajrang Dal cadres arrested him and handed him over to the police

Moradabad News: On December 6, a girl named Pinki was grabbed by Bajrang Dal activists and taken to Kanth police station. Now the court has sent them to their in-laws.

Moradabad A pregnant woman living in Nari Niketan in Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh and a victim of a love jihad case were produced before a magistrate on Monday. Where he declared himself an adult and asked the court to marry him in July of his own free will. After this, the court directed him to send his in-laws. Chairman of Uttar Pradesh Child Protection Commission Dr. Special Gupta gave this information over the phone. Earlier, at Nari Niketan, her condition worsened and she was admitted to the District Women’s Hospital, where doctors said she was one month pregnant. He was brought to the hospital complaining of stomach ache.

On December 6, Pinky was apprehended by Bajrang Dal activists and handed over to the Kanti police station. After this The police She sent him to Nari Niketan and sent her husband and nephew to jail on charges of proselytizing. At that time, Pinky had stated that she was 22 years old and had asked to get married a month before the marriage, but due to pressure from Bajrang Dal activists, the police registered a case against the woman’s mother Tahrir. Since then, the woman has been in jail and her husband Rashid and Jeth have been in jail.

Rumors spread about abortion

Earlier, rumors of a woman’s abortion had spread. In this case, the chairman of the Uttar Pradesh Children’s Commission. Vishal Gupta says the woman’s fetus is still safe and she is being treated better. The Juvenile Commission is monitoring the whole matter.(Reporting by Fareed Shamsi)