The famous superstar was set on fire, beating the WWE Champion badly

The episode of RAW was pretty good. WWE started RAW with a very good segment while the ending turned out to be interesting. Well, let’s talk about the outcome of the episode of RAW.

– Starting with the nightmare of RAW before the TLC segment

Miz and John Morrison were in the ring. AJ Styles was also there at the time. Miz was sitting at the table in the middle and she had a book. He said he was telling a story called ‘Nightmare Before TLC’. His story is a match between Drew McIntyre and AJ Style. This time John Morrison wore Drew McIntyre. AJ Styles tells the story of how to defeat Drew here. This time around, The Miz pulled forward and told the story that if Styles lost, he would cash in on his contract and become the new champion. Styles got angry with it because it was not in the story he created. Shamas entered and went to Miz-Morrison. AJ Style later attacked Sheamus and Sheamus later retaliated. The game was between the two.

– AJ Styles vs. Shams

At the start of the game, Shyams had the upper hand. Despite this, AJ Styles made a dramatic comeback. He showed very good moves and finishers. The game was very long and both the stars did a good job and the end of the game was very awkward. Sheamus had a leg injury. Despite this, he is moving his steps on the upper rope and goes on his move. Styles escaped and badly attacked his injured leg. He also won by pinning.

The result: AJ Styles wins

Styles was leaving after the game but Shyams tried to stop him. During this time, Styles attacked Sheamus badly from his chair.

The Backstage Heart business on The RAW made fun of a man where a corpse milked him. After this MVP was interviewed and talked about their games.

– Jeff Hardy, New Day vs. Heart Business

The game proved to be very good. The team used very good tactics where the heart business forcibly caught the game. He had his upper arm from beginning to end, there was some interference. Well, finally Bobby Lashley grabbed Jeff Hardy in his lock and Hardy tapped here.

The result: Heart business wins

Lana and Asuka were talking backstage on RAW.

– Ranama Lana vs. New Jax

The game was very short. The new Jax dominated from the start. Despite this, Lana tried her best to return. The newcomer was about to drop a salmon from the top rope to Lana. Lana runs away and slaps Nai Jacques. Pinned them and won. Everyone was shocked.

The result: Lana wins

Asuka is attacked by backstage Shaina Bajlar. New Jacques and Shayna Buzzler then attacked Lana and targeted her leg. Asuka entered the ring and chased away both the hill stars.

– Section of Ilayas in RAW

Ilayas sigment introduction. Jackson Ryker was also there at the time and said that things had changed after listening to Elias’ songs. At this point, R-Truth entered and said that he had come to apologize for interfering in Elias’s shima last week. Elias said R-Truth has also intervened at this time. Well, the WWE Superstars crowd came. They started fighting with each other, some of the stars were attacked by Jackson Ryker. R-Truth ran in the meantime.

Backstage on RAW, Miz-Morrison was talking to each other. At this point Keith Lee made an entry and tossed the coin. Here Miz and her partner have won. Keith said he could only win it.

– Miz and John Morrison vs. Keith Lee (disabled game) RAW

Keith Lee maintained his dominance throughout the game. In fact, he attacked Miz and John Morrison from the beginning. Miz and Morrison later made a comeback. Despite this, Keith gave a tremendous performance. In the end both superstars did a great job as a team and pinned and lost Keith Lee.

The result: Miz and John Morrison won

– Brawet sagging on RAW

Bray Wyatt came into the ring and cut the promo. Her friends were present at Ringside at the time. Well, Wyatt says he wants to end his feud with Orton. At this point he said a few jokes. He was laughing and Randy Orton appeared on the big screen. During this time he talked about discovery. At the time, Randy Orton said he wanted to play with Hyde and Sick Bra Brett. Wyatt accepted it.

– Mexico vs. Mess in Rico

Rickettsian member Mess faced Rikose. Mess performed brilliantly and really impressed everyone. Rico also made his comeback but in the end Mess defeated Rico with his finisher. Ali said he would not pursue Ricochet until he was part of that revenge.

The result: Mess wins

Backstage Bra Wyatt on RAW was actually looking for Orton. At this point, Wyatt met Riddle. Puzzle tried to contact them. Wyatt denies this and says he is currently looking for Orton. Rumble Rabbit also appeared and Riddle gave him a carrot.

– Shayna Buzzler and Danna Brook on RAW

Shaina Bajlar had a hand throughout the match. Danna Brooke also showed some good moves. Even so, when Brooke had the upper hand, New Jacques intervened and the game ended with DQ.

The result: Danna Brook wins DQ

Even after the match, Shaina Buzzler and New Jax continued to attack. At this point, Mandy Rose returned and the two were attacked with a kendo stick. Bajalar started to over shed but Asuka came and saved them.

– Bryat’s backstage split on RAW

On RAW, R-Truth was talking to Pig of Firefly Fun House. Meanwhile, Bra Wyatt arrives and quickly finds Randy Orton. Bra Wyatt was looking for backstage Randy Orton. At this point, Wyatt saw his old running chair. He sat on it. Orton came from behind and attacked him. Wyatt tried again but Orton continued to attack fiercely. He then locked Wyatt in a wooden box and set it on fire. They thought the vessel would be inside. Despite this, The Find of Suddenly entered, and he struck Orton with a mandible claw.

– Yellow vs. MVP in RAW

The game was very short. During this time Riddle won impressively and quite easily. Bobby Lashley entered after the game but could not attack Riddle.

The result: Puzzle won

– WWE Championship Ascension Ceremony at RAW

Both entered. AJ Style then cut the promo and tried to insult Drew. Drew cut his promo and then auditioned for the championship. AJ Styles said he doesn’t just have to deal with style. Miz and John Morrison then attacked Drew. Three smack drums. Drew then returned and attacked all the superstars, but Stiles’ bodyguards distracted him. The style then shatters the McIntyre using a ladder, chair and table. At the same time, he climbed on the ladder, pulled out the title and declared himself a big contender on TLC.

This episode of RAW ended.

Published 1 Dec December 2020, 0:45 :: 45:45 IST