The Best Wearables of 2020 in India

Wearables saw many new launches in India in 2020, and we tried many of them to find the best ones. With the ongoing pandemic, people are actively taking care of their health and these laptops make it easier to track it. The ones we have chosen help you track the amount of steps you have taken, your sleep duration, your heart rate and a few, are also able to track your blood oxygen levels. So if you are planning a healthy start to 2021, here are the best portable clothes of 2020 that will help you track your path.

Best Smartwatch of 2020: Apple Watch Series 6

The Apple Watch Series 6 gets the best place in our list of the best weaving fabrics of 2020. You can get the Apple Watch Series 6 in various cases finished from aluminum, to titanium. You can also set various types of bands also according to your preference, which ranks the Apple Watch Series 6 very high in terms of customization.

Apple’s best portable packages in a powerful S6 SiP that is capable of delivering a smooth user experience without any hint of delay. It also gets Apple’s W3 wireless chip and Apple’s ultra-broadband positioning chip, which is capable of keyless entry and booting of supported vehicles. You can choose the only GPS model, otherwise there is also the GPS + Cellular model which offers LTE connectivity on the watch.

In terms of fitness tracking, the Series 6 has a wide variety of exercises that it can track. It is also capable of tracking steps and distance fairly accurately. Thanks to watchOS 7, the new 6 Series is also capable of tracking sleep, along with some older models. There’s also SpO2 tracking, which we found more accurate than the Galaxy Watch 3. The Apple Watch Series 6 can only be used in conjunction with an iPhone, which limits its user base. It is also expensive with a starting price of Rs. 40,900.

SmartWatch Best For Money 2020: Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is the most portable price you can buy in 2020. It contains many features just like the Apple Watch Series 6, but it is compatible with Android and iPhone. Like the Apple Watch Series 6, the Galaxy Watch 3 is available in non-cellular and cellular variants.

The Galaxy Watch 3 runs on the Exynos 9110 SoC and has 1 GB of RAM on board. You also have 8GB of storage on board. The interface of the Galaxy Watch 3 was smooth and the rotating crest made navigation on the watch easier. Tracking on the Galaxy Watch 3 was correct as it was able to track footsteps, heart rate and sleep very well. The SpO2 tracking on the Galaxy Watch 3 however was not as accurate.

You will get about two days of battery life on the Galaxy Watch 3, which is good because of the features it provides. Battery life is less high on the LTE variant when connected to LTE networks. Charging time is longer as the Galaxy Watch 3 takes more than two hours to charge completely. At a starting price of Rs. 30,990, the Galaxy Watch 3 offers the maximum boom for your dollar.

Special mention: Oppo Watch

The Oppo Clock was a surprising entry into the portable space in 2020 and is available at an affordable price. The basic 41mm Oppo Watch is available for Rs. 14,990 while the larger 46mm Oppo Watch sells for Rs. 19,990. You get a Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 3100 processor and it works with WearOS. It offers decent pacing, distance and heart rate and the larger 46mm Oppo Watch also offers around a day and a half of battery life. Charging speeds are pretty good and the watch can charge quickly in 45 minutes.

Best Notifier of 2020: Xiaomi Mi Watch Revolve

Mi Watch Revolve was Xiaomi’s first smartwatch in India and it managed to make its mark in the segment. The Mi Watch Revolve gets all the fitness features you would expect from a device at its price, along with a clear AMOLED display and good battery life. The I-watch Revolve was launched at a price of Rs. 10,999 but available for Rs. 9,999.

With Mi Watch Revolve you can track footsteps, heart rate and sleep. However Mi Watch Revolve is not very comfortable to wear while sleeping because the watch face is a bit too big. We found that Mi Watch Revolve worked best as a notification, as there is no way to respond to incoming messages. You will be notified of incoming messages and calls, but you will need to use your smartphone to answer or answer.

The battery life of Mi Watch Revolve was amazing and we achieved almost two weeks of battery life with our usage. Even if you’re tracking exercises, you should get about 10 days of battery life out of the Mi Watch Revolve. Battery charging time is about two hours, which is acceptable because the watch lasts a very long time.

Best Fitness Band of 2020: Xiaomi Mi Band 5

The Mi Band 5 is the latest addition to Xiaomi’s line of fitness. It is the successor to the Mi Band 4. Xiaomi training bands have been consistently good and the Mi Band 5 is receiving incremental upgrades to improve it. You get a bigger and brighter screen and the charging mechanism has also changed to a more convenient one.

The Mi Band 5 is capable of tracking heart rate, your steps, distance and sleep. We found Mi Band 5 to be fairly accurate in tracking. It is also capable of tracking a number of sports including swimming, as it is waterproof up to 50m. The Mi Band 5 is compatible with Android and iPhones.

The Mi Band 5 lasted 10 days on a single charge in our review and took a little over 2 hours to charge completely. For a starting price of Rs. 2,499 it is the cheapest laptop on our list.

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