Syria launches missile attack on Israeli nuclear plant: Syria launches missile attack on Israeli nuclear plant

Tel Aviv
Syria has made it costly to launch missiles into Israel’s nuclear reactors. The missile was reported to have landed in Israel’s Negev desert on Thursday morning. In the same area is the Simon Perez Negev Nuclear Research Center, where Israel built its first atomic bomb. Following the Syrian missile attack, Israel’s top secret nuclear reactor heard a threat-prone siren. The Israeli army responded immediately to the attack.

The Israeli army has fired several missiles into Syria
At the behest of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli military retaliated by blowing up several other targets, including launching Syrian missiles. It is said to be the largest conflict between Israel and Syria in many years. Iranian militias operating in Syria are believed to be behind the incident.

Iran threatens Israel with retaliation
A few days ago, there was an explosion at Iran’s Natanz nuclear plant, which Iran attributed to Israel. The Iranian foreign minister openly threatened Israel and vowed to retaliate. Therefore, experts have claimed that the Iranian-backed militia was behind the attack. He says there will be a presidential election in Syria in a few days, in which he will think 100 times before taking any action against a powerful country like Israel.

Israeli-Iranian tensions: Atomic bomb will not allow Iran to build, shouts Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
Israel has nuclear weapons
The Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, Sweden, which analyzes the state of global weapons and global security, in its new annual report for 2020, claims that Israel has between 0 and 90 nuclear bombs. In fact, Israel fears that its biggest enemy, Iran, may not develop nuclear weapons.

Israel will not allow Iran to build nuclear bomb: Israel
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has repeatedly said that there is no greater threat to the Middle East than Iran. Iran has not given up its desire to acquire nuclear weapons and has repeatedly threatened to destroy Israel. As Israel’s prime minister, I will never allow Iran to use nuclear weapons to carry out genocide.