Supreme Court Asks Center To Consider Pause For Doctors Engaged In COVID-19 Duty

Supreme Court asked Center to consider a break for doctors in Covid service for 7-8 months

New Delhi:

The Supreme Court today asked the Center to consider giving a break to physicians engaged in COVID-19 duty for the past seven to eight months.

The supreme court said continuous work may affect mental health of doctors.

Bench of Judges Ashok Bhushan, RS Reddy and MR Shah, who is hearing a case suo motu about proper treatment of COVID-19 patients and dignified handling of corpses in hospitals, has asked Advocate General Tushar Mehta to consider the suggestions to give the doctors some breaks.

“For the last seven or eight months doctors have been given no break and continue to work. You teach yourself and consider giving them some break. It must be very painful and may affect their mental health,” the bench told Mr Mehta. .

The attorney general assured the bench that the government would consider the bench’s suggestion to give some break to health workers engaged in COVID-19 duty.

The supreme court also expressed shock that the Gujarat government paid around Rs 90 crore for not wearing face masks, but was unable to comply with the guidelines on proper conduct of COVID-19.

First, the bench, alluding to the affidavit presented by the Center, said it does not say which hospitals have fire Without Certification Certificates (NOCs) and it cites 2016 reports.

Mr Mehta said the picture is not as rosy as it seems from data (reported in the affidavit) but the Gujarat government has taken all necessary steps on anti-security measures.

Judge Shah said No, they did not and added that the affidavit does not show which COVID-19 hospitals have the necessary safeguards.

The bench pointed out that 16 notices had been sent to a hospital at Rajkot itself, but nothing has been done about it and many hospitals do not have fire NOCs in Gujarat.

It said that out of 260 private hospitals in Gujarat, 61 hospitals do not have fire NOC members Mr Mehta further said that now in all these private hospitals, officials are appointed as node officers.

Addressing the fine of 90 million collected by the Gujarat government from people for not wearing masks, the bench said despite the fine that the state was unable to comply with appropriate guidelines on COVID-19.

Tushar Mehta said Rs 500 does not preclude a fine, to which the bench said about implementing a mask wearing protocol and social distance media.


The bench posted the matter for a further hearing on December 18 and said that tomorrow it will hear a plea from Uttar Pradesh government challenging the Allahabad High Court’s order in relation to COVID-19.

On December 9, the Supreme Court sought a “detailed” response from the Center as well as from states on matters ranging from adherence to COVID-19 guidelines on wearing face masks and social distance standards to implementation of fire safety guidelines in hospitals and nursing homes. across the country.

Recently it became aware of the fire at a designated COVID-19 hospital in Rajkot of Gujarat, in which several patients died, raising the issue of lack of proper safety measures in hospitals across the country.

The supreme court said the Gujarat government has the right to give appropriate notice to ensure that the Investigation Committee chaired by Judge DA Mehta, who is investigating the fire at Covid Hospital in Rajkot, is also entitled to investigate the other fire incident that took place. at Shreyas hospital of Ahmadabad.

Earlier, the Supreme Court said that people with impunity violate the guidelines of COVID-19 on wearing face masks at public places and do not adhere to social distance standards.

It drew on the authorities not to ensure strict compliance with these means to contain coronavirus and asked the Center and states to give suggestions for appropriate instructions to be given to implement these guidelines.

The supreme court, however, rejected the Gujarat High Court’s instruction to send people trapped without wearing masks to do community service at the COVID-19 patients.

It noted the Gujarat government’s proposals that the order was severe, having serious repercussions on the health of the offenders.

The Supreme Court has asked the Gujarat government to strictly comply with the COVID-19 guidelines.

The Supreme Court has also expressed concern about the surge in the number of COVID-19 cases across the country.

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