Sukhbir Singh Badal: BJP Is A True Tukde Tukde Band, Trying To Share Punjab

Sukhbir Singh Badal hits on his former ally, the BJP, on the farm laws (File)


Akali Dal Sukhbir Singh Badal leader tore apart the ruling BJP over the peasant protest on Tuesday afternoon, accusing his former ally of being “the real one” tukde-tukde gang “and destroying national unity maliciously” by pushing patriotic Punjab into common flames ”for political gain.

Mr Badal – who led the Akalis out of the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance in protest of the farm laws – also said the BJP was “shamelessly” inciting violence between Hindus and Sikhs.

“The BJP is the real one tukde tukde band in the country. It has shattered national unity … shamelessly inciting Hindus against Muslims and now desperately setting up peaceful Punjabi Hindus against their Sikh brothers, especially farmers, ”Badal said at a meeting in Amritsar.

“They are pushing patriotic Punjab into common flames,” he warned.

Mr Badal’s attack on BJP underscores the current bad blood between the two parties.

The Akalis highlighted his relationship with the BJP as one that ensured peace in Punjab after the bloodshed of the 1980s, and rebuked Congress for disharmony between Hindus and Sikhs.

Punjab emerged as the focus of a nationwide protest – involving thousands of farmers – against the farm laws. Numerous negotiations with the center failed; the peasants insist that the laws should be repealed, but the center only wants to change problematic sections.

With the BJP struggling to contain the protests (or progressing to solve the peasants ’problems), conspiracy theories circulating on social networks (and repeated by party leaders) claimed that“ anti-national ”and“ halalist ”forces are behind the protests. .

On Sunday, Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said that the “tukde tukde“A gang took over the protests. Earlier union minister Narendra Singh Tomar said” leftist “and” Maoist “elements had hijacked the protests, and BJP IT chief Amit Malviya said” allies “were involved.

Tukde tukde“is a term coined by right-wing parties to attack the opposition and their supporters.

Sukhbir Badal attacked these claims, accusing ministers of making such statements about “slandering” farmers and calling on them to apologize publicly, and on Monday he attacked again, saying it was the center’s policy to label those who disagree with them as “anti-national”. .

“If one agrees with NDA, he is desh bhakt. If not, he is desh drohi or extremist or of the ‘tukde tukde‘band. Either Parkash Singh Badal, who returned his Padma Vibhushan, or Harsimrat Kaur Badal, who resigned from the Union Ministry to protest against the agrarian laws, deshdrohishe asked.

The central government has insisted that it remains open to more negotiations to resolve this crisis.

Earlier today, speaking at a function in Gujarat’s Kutch, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said his government “is always dedicated to the well-being of farmers … will continue to address concerns”. The prime minister also accused the opposition of misleading the peasants.