Solar Eclipse 2020: New Moon in Panchagrahi Yoga and Solar Eclipse Recognize Yoga in Solar Eclipse Today

This time, the eclipse on the new moon and Somvati are the sum of the five planets. The five planets Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Ketu will have a full solar eclipse in Scorpio on December 1, the day of the new moon. When these planets come together, many zodiac signs will also be affected. I tell you there will not be a single thread of a total solar eclipse. Not only that, Guru and Rahu are also sitting together at this time, so this time Guru Chandal Yoga will be formed during the solar eclipse. It is said that Panchagrahi Yoga is being formed after 53vas years in Somdev Amavasya.

Solar Eclipse 2020: Dangerous Yoga, Aries, Libra and zodiac signs remain alert

Earlier in 1963, this yoga was formed. Thus, donations made during this period have many consequences. Planting peepal, banyan, basil etc. in this new moon is also considered a work of virtue. Today’s solar eclipse will be a full lunar eclipse, although this eclipse will not be visible in India, so the gestation period of this eclipse is not valid. Now after this, Kharmas 1 will start from 16th December.

Solar Eclipse 2020: A total solar eclipse on December 1 in Scorpio, these people should pay special attention

Solar eclipse
When the moon comes between the earth and the sun, this state is called a solar eclipse. But when the moon partially covers the sun, this section is called the grass solar eclipse. That is, the solar eclipse on December 1 will be a partial eclipse.

Time of solar eclipse
The eclipse will begin on December 1 at 0:03 pm and end at 12:22:23 pm. This eclipse lasts for about an hour.

The eclipse will appear here
The eclipse of 14 December 2020 can be seen in South America, South African countries and some parts of the Pacific Ocean.

Solar eclipse in 2021 –
In 2021 there will be two solar eclipses. The first will be on June 10 and the second on December 2021.