Social Distance Sweater offers a playful way to protect yourself during holiday festivities

SimpliSafe is not best known for clothing. The company is preparing some of the best security systems to protect our homes. This year they intend to protect our holidays in addition to our homes.

To that end, SimpliSafe has released a classic holiday sweater with a new twist. This sweater comes with a special social distance design, which may be the need of the hour.

A fresh spin on the holiday sweater

The te technical sweater is designed primarily for the coronavirus world, where wearing a face mask and keeping a distance of six feet from the next person is the best way to be safe.

The sweater is integrated with motion sensors that sound like a siren when someone enters about six feet. It helps to create a safe space for you without spoiling the festive fun. The cunning sweater would kindly let your visiting friends and family know when they got too close, and would need to retreat – ensuring safety for everyone!

The availability

Social Distancing Sweater is only a prototype at present, however SimpliSafe will give a limited number of sweaters. A version of the sweater without the electronics and sensors can also be purchased online from the SimpliSafe website.

If you love to process electronics, you have an option to check out the te tech installation instruction on the website and put the electronics into a festive sweater for the fun attraction.