Shivraj Singh Chouhan to put Rs 1 lakh crore in Madhya Pradesh farmers’ accounts on December 1


  • To convince the farmers, the Shivraj government is organizing a farmers’ conference in MP
  • Farmers’ conference held at Bhel Maidan in Bhopal today
  • Shivraj Singh Chouhan has made a big announcement for the farmers in the cabinet briefing today
  • “On December 1, we will put Rs 1,600 crore in farmers’ accounts,” the CM said

There are many misconceptions about agricultural bills. There is a peasant movement all over the country. Similarly, governments in BJP-ruled states are trying to present themselves as farmer-friendly. The government has organized a farmers’ conference at Bhel Maidan in Bhopal today. Addressing the farmers on the occasion, Shivraj Singh Chouhan said that this law would bring a revolutionary change in the lives of the farmers.

Before participating in the farmers’ conference, Shivraj Singh Chouhan has a cabinet meeting. The ministers of the Shivraj government had joined the cabinet meeting through video conferencing. CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan has asked the ministers to be present on the ground this time. Place a chaupal among the farmers and explain the agricultural laws. The Chief Minister said that the farmers should also tell us what we did for them during our rule.

1 farmers in the account of 100 million farmers
In the cabinet meeting, CM Shivraj announced that on December 11, we will add Rs 1,1600 crore to the farmers’ account. This is a fraction of the total relief amount. This is money for crop losses like soybean this year. The Chief Minister told the farmers that now they will give one installment and later another installment. Then comes the amount of crop insurance plan.

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Kamal Nath shouted
CM Shivaraj reached the conference after the meeting of the Farmers’ Council of Ministers. There, he said that Kamal Nath, who did not collect Rs 2,200 crore of farmer’s premium, was calling me anti-farmer. We gave zero percent to the farmers, you stopped it too. Kamal Nath, who gives Kamal to farmers at 18 percent interest, is telling us that he is anti-farmer. When Kamal Nath distributed the wrong certificate of debt forgiveness, he asked where Rahul Gandhi was. Where were you, Rahul, when Kamal Nath did not find a list of farmers for the PM Kisan Samman Nidhi? This left millions of farmers unable to benefit.

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Farmer is our God
Shivraj of the Constituent Assembly said at the farmers’ conference that farmers are our God. We are the priests of our people. Our service is to serve God. The campaign is on to remove the mafias who are looting the state on the basis of bullying and muscle power. We are always trying to find employment for the youth.