Samsung Announces New Partnership with TikTok to Bring TikTok Videos to Your Home TV

As many now know, it can be easy to roll out TikTok with your phone late at night, then end up staring at your device’s screen, blurry, at 3am, still laughing at yourself with the clips you encounter. TikTok’s algorithm compatibility is great for keeping you glued to the program, which can be a mandatory, small-screen viewing – but what if TikTok were actually available on your TV, like any other channel?

What if you could catch a glimpse and watch a stream of your latest “For You” videos, on the big screen and from the comfort of your couch?

Well, don’t be surprised anymore, as today Samsung announced a new deal with TikTok to enable Samsung Smart TV owners in Europe to watch TikTok videos on their TVs.

As Samsung explained:

“Samsung Electronics Ltd and TikTok are proud to announce a new programming partnership that brings TikTok’s trendy content into the home. TikTok will be exclusively available at Samsung Smart TVs in Europe, launching first for British customers today.”

The new TikTok app for Samsung TVs will be available for all 2018 models onwards, and will provide on-screen access to your “For You” and “Next” streams, “as well as most of the favorite and viewed content on TikTok.” .

“This content has been organized into 12 categories that cover everything from play and comedy, to food and animals. The entertainment doesn’t stop there though, as people can also watch #LearnOnTikTok videos to get the latest cooking hacks , appropriate advice, and fun facts that TikTok can offer. “

That seems a little cool, but also a bit risky. As noted, the committed nature of TikTok can keep you glued to the app, and if you can see the same thing on the big screen, that could be even worse, maybe? But again you’d think some of those TikTok clips that people shot on their phones probably wouldn’t look great on bigger 4k screens. That might make it a less compelling option – but it could also open up new opportunities for top creators, and for TikTok advertisers to reach new audiences.

Indeed, YouTube has seen a huge increase in viewers watching content on connected TVs, which has led to it launching new TV-specific advertising options, such as Masthead Ads, providing marketers with additional ways to reach this specific audience.

YouTube Masthead Ads

If the new Samsung integration works, TikTok could look to add similar ones, providing more ways for advertisers to reach these viewers through customized large-screen specific campaigns.

Samsung notes that the feature, accessible by downloading the new TikTok app for your TV, will be automatically works in Limited Mode, to filter content that may not be suitable for all viewers. This could additionally give more brand security if TikTok were to move to dedicated format ads.

Samsung also notes that users will not need a TikTok account to use the app.

It’s an interesting option that underscores TikTok’s continued growth – which, despite various controversies, looks set to continue on its path to becoming the next billionth user program.

Coincidentally, TikTok also launched a new television advertising campaign this week – its biggest promotional effort to date – as it continues to move forward, despite ongoing questions about its ownership.

It is unclear whether TikTok will have to be sold to continue operating in the United States, with the legal documentation of such in debate. But it seems that the program will be allowed to continue, unchanged, at least for the immediate term, with a possible separation still possible in the new year.

So now you will be able to watch TikTok on your TV, which could help increase audience and give new ways to follow your favorite creators in the program.

And as more digital platforms come together on TV screens, traditional channels will become more and less focused, which will eventually change the process of TV advertising as we know it.