Reliance Jio 299999 aid prepaid plan offers 404040 GB data and Disney Hotstar for 1 year

Reliance Jio offers many plans to its customers. It includes plans ranging from small validity plans to one year. Even with a long validity plan, customers have to pay a lot of money at the same time, but it is cheaper than a month long plan. Today we are talking about a similar plan in which Geo users are given the facility of 1 GB of data and call, Disney + Hotstar for Rs 3.5.11.

Reliance Jio prepaid plan 2,599. Rs
This is Reliance Jio’s one-year validity plan. It has 2 GB of data daily with 36 days validity. In addition, customers will be given an additional 10 GB of data. This way, users can use a total of 404040 GB of data. The plan offers 12,000 non-Jio minutes for unlimited calls from Jio to the Jio network and other networks.

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What’s special is that the Jio app offers free subscriptions and 100 daily SMS, as well as a Disney + Hotstar VIP subscription. Let us know that this subscription is available for one year at Rs 9 per year, although it comes free with this plan.

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1 GB of data is like 3.5.1
We have already said that the price of the plan is Rs. 2599999 and it has a total of 404040 GB of data available. If we want to find the cost of one GB of data, we have to pay 299 give99 divided by 740 (299 ÷ 99 ÷ 404040 = 1.11). In this way, 1 GB of data costs Rs 3.5.11. If you don’t want Disney + Hotstar, the company also offers another plan of Rs 2,399 which offers 1 GB of data at Rs 228.