Bite-sized videos have become increasingly popular in recent years and the popularity of TikTok has only seemed to convince more platforms to jump on the bandwagon. The newest platform to make such a move is Reddit, which has acquired short-form video platform Dubsmash in exchange for a secret amount.

Dubsmash will still exist as a standalone app after the purchase, but Reddit also plans to integrate its video creation tools. It’s not clear how exactly but we wouldn’t be surprised if we see yet another implementation similar to Stories.

Reddit first launched native video support in 2017 and has since seen “huge growth and organic community adoption;” In 2020 users posted twice as many videos as published in 2019. The inclusion of short videos seems to be a promising way to increase user adoption and retention.

For the uninformed, Dubsmash was launched back in 2015 and has recently gone viral as users have created lip-syncing videos to sound bites of movies, shows and music. Then, in 2017, the app changed gear to become a social platform and let users share videos within the app itself. Although not as popular as TikTok, Dubsmash hit the mark of 1 billion videos a month in January and is the second most installed short-form video program in the United States.

Source: Reddit