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Challenging Ramela is keen that he remains part of the board

The interim board of CSA has confirmed the removal of Omphile Ramela, one of its two resigned members. But defiant Ramela is keen that he remains part of the board.

The episode will certainly add to the growing terror internationally about the state of the game in South Africa, which with the interim CEO and company secretary of CSA canceled and England abandoned their men’s white ball tours due to fears of Covid. And that’s only since December 1st.

“It was not an easy decision but the interim board had no choice but to do so,” a CSA edition explaining Ramela’s fate said on Tuesday (December 15), adding that neither he nor his lawyer attended the meeting where the decision was made. taken, nor responded to notices of the meeting.

“The board decided unanimously [with one abstention] that Mr. Omphile Ramela, not appearing to give any reasons why he should not be removed, is removed as a director on the interim board of CSA, ”the statement said.

Asked for a comment, Ramela told Cricbuzz: “I am still very much a director and a member of CSA’s interim board. No authorized staff or structure has removed me from the board, so there is absolutely nothing to challenge about my teaching.

“Yes, some members of the interim board have tried to kidnap the organization, including locking up some of us from board meetings. But these will soon be dealt with. I remain a director and continue my work.”

Ramela resigned as president of the South African Cricketers Association to be part of the board, which was appointed on 17 November after the elected board – which chaired more than three years of mismanagement – resigned despite increasing pressure, including from government.

But it seems that Ramela and the interim board could not continue. His dismissal along with that of Xolani Vonya was reported on Wednesday, and Zak Yacoob, the former constitutional court judge who heads the board, introduced Ramela during an online press conference on Thursday: refusing to accept the majority.He seems to make a distinction between right and majority decisions, and if he feels that majority decisions are wrong he can continue to fight for them for hours and hours.

“He does not have the discipline to accept majority decisions. He was reluctant in relation to every difficult decision we had to make, and it was almost impossible to deal with him. In a three-month period. [the length of the board’s appointment], if meetings last for hours and hours, to deal with obstructive people who continue to say they don’t understand this and don’t understand that when things are fully clarified, then the board won’t be able to finish its work. We judged that the possibility of finishing our work was diminished considerably by these obstructive tactics. I suspect the obstruction tactics were specifically designed to hold the board together so that we will be able to do very little in the next three months.

“We spent two hours talking about whether he would accept a majority rule. He says that when he says things are right, they’re right. And that’s why everyone has to listen to him. He’s young. He believes every word that comes out of his mouth is the biblical truth, and if anyone begins to disagree with a word, he says you are greeted with great anger. “

Vonya was denied due to serious allegations filed against him by Easterns Cricket, whose provincial branch of CSA, of which he was president before joining the board. Easterns suspended him in May. He was reinstated pending investigation and resigned in October. He is believed to be seeking legal advice on the actions taken against him by the interim board.

Among the seven remaining board members, only Andre Odendaal and Haroon Lorgat, former CEOs of the Western Provincial Cricket Association and CSA, have histories as cricket managers. Asked if Ramela and Vonya will be replaced, Yacoob said: “We will try to agree replacements with the council of members (nominally the highest authority of CSA). If not, the seven of us will simply continue. We will not waste our time with side issues. . “

Cricket may badly allow such an inappropriate dispute, especially the day after the announcement that Kugandrie Govender was suspended as CSA acting chief executive and chief commercial officer. That followed England home on Thursday due to positive tests for the virus with half of their six matches unplayed, preceded by the dismissal of CSA company secretary Welsh Gwaza on 1 December.

Individually, some of these developments will be seen as positive. Collectively they paint a picture of chaos. Neither the public, the sponsors, nor sports minister Nathi Mthethwa – whose intervention led to the appointment of the interim board – will not want that. But it seems that things need to get worse before there can be hope for improvement. How much worse is a question that no one dared to ask.