Rajinikanth Party Name and Symbol | Is that the name and symbol of Rajinikanth’s party?


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Updated: Tuesday, 15 December 2020, 16:25 [IST]

New Delhi, December 15: It is likely that superstar Rajinikanth will use an already used but unrecognized party as his political launcher.

He will likely use the Makkal Sevai Katchi party as his political launcher for the upcoming elections for assembly in Tamil Nadu. The party was originally registered as Anaithindhia Makkal Shakthi Kazhagam, but the name was later changed to Makkal Sevai Katchi by an amended Notification Commission on Electoral Commissions issued two and a half months ago. The symbol of the party would most likely be an automatic rickshaw.

Is that the name and symbol of Rajinikanth’s party?

A report in TOI said that EK had received a request from Makkal Sevai Katchi seeking donation of a common voting symbol for the candidates. Furthermore the application mentions the name of Rajinikanth, although it comes from another person.

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The report also said that the app lists a two-finger pose made famous by the actor in his 2002 film Baba as his first voting symbol. In second place is the symbol of a car rickshaw. It may be recalled that the car is reminiscent of his 1995 Baashha craze. The party is allowed to allow the auto symbol as the two finger symbols resemble the hand symbol of the Indian National Congress.