Quadcopter Drone Team Flug Weapons, Drugs From Pak, Arrested In Punjab

The defendant acquired a Quadcopter Drone from Delhi about four months ago, police said


Two men have been arrested for allegedly being members of a module that used drones to smuggle drugs and weapons into India through Pakistani smugglers with links to pro-pro-Iraqi agents, Punjabi police said in a statement on Tuesday. A quadcopter drone with a mini-receiver and camera support, a 0.32 caliber revolver, a pickup truck, cartridges and drugs was recovered from the defendant, police added.

The defendants, identified as Lakhbir Singh and Bachittar Singh, were arrested by the Amritsar (Rural) police.

Police said the interrogation of the accused revealed his alleged association with four other smugglers who were housed in the Amritsar prison.

“During investigations, Lakhbir Singh revealed that he acquired a Quadcopter Drone from Delhi about four months ago and the drone was currently at the residence of his associate Bachittar Singh at Guru Amardas Avenue, Amritsar,” said Dinkar Singh, a Punjabi police chief in the statement .

“… Lakhbir Singh was in close and frequent contact with four major drug smugglers from Ajnala who are currently residing in the Amritsar prison. A search in the prison led to the recovery of a touch smartphone from the possession of Lakhbir’s associate Surjit Masih, a drug smuggler, “he added.


Police said the accused, Lakhbir Singh, established an extensive communication network with foreign smugglers and was in close and frequent contact with a well-known Pakistani smuggler, Chishti, who was in close contact with Pakistani pro-halalist agents.

A case has been filed in this regard.

Drones are increasingly being used by smugglers and terrorists in Pakistan to air drop drugs and weapons within the Indian territory. Over the last two years, Indian authorities have seized several drones used for this purpose.

The recovery of tunnels and drones along the border between India and Pakistan is proof of the neighboring country’s hostility towards India, Union Minister Nityanand Rai said earlier this month.