Prime Minister Modi said that the Gujarat government in Kutch was ready 24 times to address the doubts of the farmers – PM Modi

Amid the ongoing farmers’ agitation in various parts of the capital Delhi against the three agricultural laws, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday said that the welfare of farmers was a top priority of his government and was ready round the clock to address its problems.

After laying the foundation stone of many development projects, the Prime Minister during his address also targeted the opposition parties and accused them of planning to confuse the farmers. Modi said, “There is a big conspiracy going on around Delhi these days to confuse the farmers. They are afraid that after the agricultural reforms, the farmers’ land will be taken over.”

He said the recent agrarian reforms had been demanded for many years and many farmers’ organizations were demanding that farmers be given the option to sell grain anywhere. He said, “Even those who misled the farmers by sitting in opposition today were supporting these agrarian reforms during his government. But he could not take a decision while he was in his government. They gave false consolation to the farmers.”

Modi said that today, when the country has taken this historic step, the opposition farmers are beginning to confuse. He said, “I repeat to my farmer brothers and sisters. The government is ready for 2 hours to resolve their doubts. From day one, the interest of farmers is one of the top priorities of our government. We continue to reduce the cost of farming, increase their income Have worked

Pointing to the recent election results, he said the government’s “sincere intentions and sincere efforts have been blessed by almost all countries.” … The people who are spreading illusions, those who are inclined towards politics, are pointing guns at the shoulders of the peasants … All the conscious peasants of the country will also lose them. ‘