Prime Minister Modi said about the farmers’ movement – the opposition is trying to seduce the farmers

New Delhi. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is visiting Gujarat today. Prime Minister Modi met the farming community of Kutch and the Sikh farmers of Gujarat to protest against the farm law. Prime Minister Narendra Modi (PM Modi in Gujarat) laid the foundation stone of some projects in Gujarat on Tuesday. He said that new energy is being transmitted in Kutch today.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi held talks with farmers and artists of Dhorado in Kutch. He held discussions with the farmers of Kutch before the main event. Sikh farmers near the Indo-Pakistan border have been invited for talks with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Around 5,000 Sikh families live around Lakhpat taluka of Kutch (Kutch farmers).

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>> Prime Minister Modi said that nowadays there is an attempt to seduce the farmers near Delhi. Prime Minister Modi said that for a long time there was a demand for agrarian reform that farmers should be allowed to sell their produce anywhere. But now the people in the opposition are trying to confuse the farmers. Prime Minister Modi said that Gujarat has implemented many farmer friendly schemes in the last 20 years. Gujarat is one of the states where work has been done to strengthen solar energy.

> Prime Minister Modi said that there was a time when the people of Gujarat demanded electricity while eating at night. Today, Gujarat is one of the states in the country where 24 hours electricity is ensured.

Prime Minister Modi said that today India ranks fourth in the world in the field of renewable energy. In addition, India is leading the world in the field of climate change.

The Prime Minister said that today Kutch is the fastest growing region of the country. The connectivity here is getting better day by day.

Prime Minister Modi said that the foundation stone should be laid for a renewable energy park at Khawda, a desalination plant at Mandvi and a new automated plant at Sarhad Dehri in Anjar. My indigenous brothers and sisters, farmers, livestock keepers and the general public here will benefit greatly.

Speaking on the occasion, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that a once deserted Kutch is passing by with tourists today.

> Prime Minister Modi says – Some people say there can be no development in Kutch, Kutch is spreading new energy today.

> Prime Minister Modi also paid tribute to Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel at the beginning of his address. Today is Sardar Patel’s death anniversary.