Post-BB4, Monal Gajjar signs a great film

Monal Gajjar

Actress Monal Gajjar is the final contestant expelled from the 4th season of “Bigg Boss”. She hoped to reach the final-5 but left the house because voters didn’t overwhelm her much love. However, Monal has gained a lot of popularity and fans with this show.

She is now inundated with film and television offerings.

Monal Gajjar debuted in Telugu as the main heroine in Allari Naresh’s ‘Sudigaadu’ eight years ago. Later she made a few films, but she didn’t succeed much. Her last appearance in the Telugu film was three years ago.

But participation in “Bigg Boss” revives her career. She has already signed a film project. Monal will also be part of a TV show. She will announce all these details after a rest at home for two weeks.

MOnal Gajjar

The 29-year-old Gujarati girl decided to focus only on Tollywood and the Telugu television industry. The animated actress says she is not involved in a romantic relationship off-screen. The hysteria she kept with Abhijeet in the house of ‘Bigg Boss Telugu 4’ must be only for the consumption of Telly’s spectators.