‘Phone call away’: Kamal Haasan on political connection with Rajinikanth | Indian News

NEW DELHI: Head of Makkal Needhi Maiam (MNM) Kamal Haasan on Tuesday said he was only a “phone call” if an actor became a politician Rajinikanth wants to cooperate with his party before the Tamil Nadu meeting elections next year.
Kamal Haasan, who is on a campaign in the state, said he is willing to cooperate with Rajinikanth for the benefit of the people if there are no ideological differences between the two.
“We are just a telephone forum. If our ideology is similar and if it would benefit the people, we are willing to put our ego aside and cooperate with each other,” the MNM founder said when asked if he intends to form an alliance with the party of Rajinikanth.

This is not the first time that Haasan, a former actor himself, has alluded to a connection with Rajinikanth.
On Sunday, Haasan said there is always a possibility that new alliances will emerge when asked if his party will start a deal with Rajinikanth’s suit for the 2021 Tamil Nadu polls.
Earlier this month Rajinikanth said he would launch his political party in January and the announcement would be made on 31 December.
Meanwhile, a political party called “Makkal Sevai Katchi” in Tamil Nadu, which received the “symbol of choice” from the Electoral Commission of India, mentioned the name of actor Rajinikanth in the nomination.
The candidate, whose name was not disclosed, sought the symbol “two-finger pose” or “hasta mudra” (made famous by Rajini in the 2002 film “Baba”) as the first preference.