Pfizer offers Government of India Covid 1 vaccine not for profit rate – What will be the cost of Pfizer vaccine in India? The American company said

US pharmaceutical company Pfizer has said it has offered unproductive prices to the Indian government to supply its covid vaccine. A company spokesman claimed this on Thursday. He said that talks are underway with the government for this.

A Pfizer spokesman said in a statement: “For India, Pfizer has offered the government a ‘non-profit’ price for its vaccination campaign. We are in talks with the government and are committed to providing this vaccine to India’s vaccination campaign.” This statement has been issued dismissing some reports.

The company has set different prices for high-, middle- and low-income countries, and the Covid 1 vaccine is committed to equal and affordable access for people all over the world. The company said, “In the current state of the global epidemic, Pfizer has given priority only to the government to supply vaccines for the vaccination campaign.” We will have the same attitude in India.

Last week, India also paved the way for foreign vaccines to intensify the vaccination campaign. Producers of Moderna, Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson are said to be in talks with the government to approve emergency use in India.

Pfizer is charging the US government १ 1.5 per dose for the corona vaccine. For the European Union, the company charged Rs 1 per dose in 2022-23