Pentagon Prime Minister Christopher Miller receives COVID-19 vaccine, and says “It didn’t hurt”

U.S. Acting Secretary of Defense and Pentagon chief Christopher Miller on December 14 received a shot of the newly licensed vaccine Pfizer and BioNtech living with a camera. The sting was given at the Walter Reed Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Md., According to a video shared by the Department of Defense. Miller is seen encouraging the Americans to get the vaccine while he jokes, “That’s all ?! Oh, come on! That didn’t hurt at all!”. Meanwhile, the Pentagon said in a press release that it plans to inoculate the military. chiefs live to encourage servants to be vaccinated.

Pentagon spokesman Jonathan Hoffman said at a conference that the combat orders will send a “message” to push the eligible personnel to take the vaccines in the initial phase of development. Secretary of Defense Chris Miller, Deputy Secretary of Defense David Norquist, Joint Chiefs of Staff of General Mark Milley, Vice President of Joint Chief of Staff of General John Hyten, and Senior Adviser to President Ramón Colón-López are among some of the top leaders in the United States military to publicly fire, he reported. Many volunteers, Hoffman stressed, the U.S. recorded nearly 300,000 COVID-related killings as the country began delivering COVID-19 shots from Pfizer on Dec. 14 in a campaign, with the first vaccine administered Monday morning in Queens, state officials said at a news conference.

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Double order of Modern

Earlier, as New York City recorded more than 35,000 cases, the director of critical care nursing at Long Island Jewish Medical Center received the vaccine shot at 9:20 a.m. during a news conference with Governor Andrew M. Cuomo. The receiving nurse encouraged and paid tribute to the vital workers and doctors when the United States hit the sinister milestone of 300,000 deaths. Meanwhile, the U.S. Health and Human Services announced in a statement that the Trump administration has doubled the order of the total vaccine shots it initially purchased from the pharmaceutical company Moderna Inc. in order worth $ 1.65 billion to fight the pandemic.

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