“Our opinions don’t matter” – Klopp, Liverpool’s boss, thinks a Fulham opener should be ruled out due to a “clear failure”.

The Reds manager believes Mohamed Salah was hampered in the move ahead of the Bobby Decordova-Reid strike

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp was not happy to see Fulham’s initial goal on Sunday, but admitted there was little he could do to change the decision.

The Reds were forced to fight from behind to trigger a 1-1 draw against the relegated threatened Londoners.

Bobby Decordova-Reid sacked Fulham in the lead 25 minutes into the game, before Mohamed Salah scored a late equalizer from the penalty spot to give the Premier League champions a share of the points.

There was a suggestion that Salah was involved in the build-up in front of Decordova-Reid’s goal, but Klopp initially reluctant to separate the play, which led to the Fulham strike.

“What did you think? Can I ask your opinion?” The German asked the reporter, who posed the question about the purpose.

When the reporter replied that referee Lee Mason could have gone both ways, Klopp continued: “Neither of our opinions relates to 0.0% because we cannot change the decision.

“It’s a clear mistake, nothing else. It’s not a yellow card or a red card, but the player who passed the ball wins an advantage, gets the ball by pushing Mo. If he doesn’t push Mo, Mo gets the ball.

“It’s not about how difficult the blunder is, but about the advantage. Two hands. Lee Mason, the VAR, says what – normal contact?

“I’m not sure what Lee Mason is doing at home, but that’s not normal contact in football. Enough contact to get an advantage, so it’s bad. But we can’t change it, and I was just talking about it because you asked.”

The result means Liverpool missed the opportunity to move ahead of Tottenham at the league summit, after Jose Mourinho’s men were also held 1-1 by Crystal Palace on Sunday.

The two forwards, who equal 25 points after 12 games, will face off Wednesday at Anfield, with each side playing for the occasion approaching the festive period as direct leaders of the main flight.