Opposition behind farmers’ protest for their political survival, says Union Minister Giriraj Singh | Indian News

NEW DELHI: Trade Union Minister for Fisheries, Livestock and Dairy, Giriraj Singh on Tuesday asserted that opposition leaders is behind peasants‘protest for their political survival.
Speaking to ANI trade union minister Giriraj Singh, said the door of the government is open to the farmers and will remain open.
“In a democracy, the solution is only through dialogue. But haven’t you seen it on TV? Haven’t you seen it on channels? Contemptuous and offensive comments against the prime minister. Red flags have come that have nothing to do with peasants. The opposition is behind it. For political survival. Those political parties that were in the ICU want to seize the peasant movement, want to usurp it. That is why they are not talking about the rights of the peasants, ”Singh said.
A Union minister slammed Punjabi Prime Minister Captain Amarinder Singh, who made “a policy on behalf of farmers” and said: “I want to ask the Punjab Prime Minister, are private companies in your state not making contracts with farmers to grow potatoes? usurped their lands? Why didn’t you oppose this? Today Nestle is not taking milk from farmers in the same Punjab? Our government intention is for farmers to get better prices and opportunities. ”
The minister said the central government is committed to improving the farmers.
“I want to say that the Indian Government is for the peasants. After independence, no prime minister gave 6,000 rupees to the peasants except
PM Modi. The Government of India is dedicated to farmers. The door of government is always open for the farmers, ”he added.
Farmers have been protesting on different borders of the national capital since November 26 against the three recently enacted agricultural laws – Rural Products Trade and Promotion (Promotion and Facilitation) Act, 2020, the Farmers Agreement (Empowerment and Protection) on Price- Assurance and Property Service Act, 2020, and the Essential Commodities (Amendment) Act, 2020.
The Central government has held several negotiations with farmers’ organizations over the past few days to resolve the issue.