Nitin Gadkari, a farmer, saw the pictures of those chanting anti-national slogans in protest

Union Minister Nitin Gadkari had on Monday said that the farmers’ movement had a photo of “people giving anti-national speeches in Delhi”. The Minister of Road Transport and Highways told news agency ANI that while some elements tried to confuse the farmers by taking advantage of their opposition, the government is ready to start talks on the three agricultural laws enacted in September out of fear of farmers. .

Nitin Gadkari said, “There is a Gadchiroli district near Nagpur which is Naxal-affected. In it, one person was nominated and no bail was obtained from the court. He is in jail. He has no direct or indirect relationship with the farmer, but his image was seen in opposition. I can’t get it. “

Asked about the reaction to the involvement of urban Naxals and Maoists against the farmers, Gadkari said such remarks were not made to all farmers. “People who have given anti-national speeches in Delhi, who have nothing to do with the country and the farmers, who have nothing to do directly or indirectly with the demands of the farmers, have a picture,” he said.

Gadkari said, “Please tell them how it happened. There are some elements who are trying to seduce the farmers by taking advantage of the movement. I think it is wrong.”

For the past several days, farmers have been protesting against the government’s new agricultural law. Farmers believe that these three laws are not in the interest of farmers. Farmers took to the streets in protest. Farmers sleeping on tractors and trolleys are also eating on the road.