New guidelines were issued for private schools in MP

Bhopal. Private school operators in Madhya Pradesh have gone on strike against CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan’s closing education session. The chief minister had two options. A small group of private school operators and millions of parents on the other side who were not announcing the strike but were watching the government to see if the chief minister would come under pressure. It is estimated that the Chief Minister has tried to understand the plight of millions of parents. New guidelines have been issued for private schools.

A gazette of new guidelines for fees was also announced

The government has issued new guidelines using the Madhya Pradesh Private School Fees and Related Subject Regulation Act 201. It has also been published in the Gazette. The Department of School Education has also demanded a balance sheet for three years from 2017 to date. Based on this, the department will also review the fees charged by the school in three years.

Approval must be obtained from the district committee

  • All schools must upload a clear fee structure to their website before the start of the academic session.
  • Schools can increase their fees by 10 percent or less.
  • This information must be uploaded 90 days before the start of the new academic session.
  • 10 to 15 percent schools will send a proposal to the district committee to increase the fees.
  • The committee will decide on the proposal within 45 days.
  • The chairman of the district committee will be the collector of the district concerned.
  • If the fee is increased by more than 1 15 percent, the district committee will send its opinion to the state committee.
  • District committees can ask the management of private schools why they want to increase fees by such a percentage.
  • Before raising fees, the committee can take the side of school management, students and their families.
  • Private school management charges more than the prescribed fee and if a complaint is received, the government will be able to take action against it. The committee will also have the right to refund the fee.

This will also happen in the New Testament

  • Students will not be forced to buy school supplies, such as books, uniforms, and shoes, from any one store.
  • The school management will not be able to write the name of the school on any material except the uniform.
  • If private schools change uniforms, it cannot be changed for three years.
  • School transport fees should also explain the clear fee structure.
  • After receiving the complaints of the schools, the committee will take action and after taking cognizance, the committee can also take action in the schools.

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