Muslims ready to be vaccinated against corona: Corona vaccine is coming but will they be ready to take that large population?


  • The Corona vaccine is coming, but is everyone ready to take it?
  • This question is important because even before, there has been a hesitant class about vaccination.
  • A large section is far from rumored and vaccinated.

New Delhi
Homegrown vaccine maker Serum Institute of India (SII) says Oxford University and AstraZeneca are trying to produce 100 million doses of Oxford University and AstraZeneca corona vaccine next month. On the other hand, the central government also said that the vaccination campaign will be launched as soon as the vaccine arrives in the country. In the meantime, however, there is concern that the people of the country will not hesitate to get vaccinated.

Report the results of an online survey

In fact, S0 percent of people who took part in an online survey conducted by Local Circle (local cyclonic survey on corona vaccine) were in no hurry about the vaccine. About 225,000 people from 2,262 districts gave their opinions in the survey. Of those, 15,000 said that even if the covid vaccine was available in February, they would not show it soon.

Corona vaccine is being made in a hurry

The other side of the coin is that the shortest time it took to get any vaccine before the Pfizer corona vaccine was four years. Although new vaccines require 10-1 years of regulatory approval, the process from coronal vaccine manufacturing to approval is taking place in a very limited time. However, it is also true that Pfizer’s Corona vaccine is the world’s first vaccine developed on the mRNA technology platform. This is absolutely modern technology.
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Hesitating to be vaccinated

A volunteer from Chennai who was recently involved in a vaccine test claimed that the serum vaccine had a negative effect on him. It is natural that some in India want to avoid getting this vaccine. Even before Corona, however, a class has been negative about vaccination. For example, around 2000, many people in the Muslim community in Uttar Pradesh refused to be vaccinated against polio. They have a fear that the vaccine will not give birth.

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The rumor market may not be hot again
On the other hand, a large population of Muslims in the two districts of Kerala refused to be vaccinated against diphtheria in 2016. They became victims of the bumblebee because the vaccine contained chemicals, microbes and haraam ingredients. Similarly, in 2017-2017, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka also seemed hesitant to vaccinate against measles-rubella. The study of 121 high priority districts selected by the Ministry of Health was completed in December 2011. Twenty-two percent of parents who took part said their children should not be vaccinated. He fears that the vaccine will not cure the disease more than it will harm his health.

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Vaccination hesitation in India

Perhaps some people in India will be reluctant to get the corona vaccine.