Mushfiqur Rahim, who was fined 2 percent on the field, apologized to Nasum Ahmed

Mushfiqur Rahim, the star wicketkeeper-batsman of the Bangladesh cricket team, has apologized to Bexum’s Dhaka teammate Nasum Ahmed for misbehaving. In fact, Mushfiqur Rahim angered Ahmed during wicketkeeping during the Bangabandhu T20 Cup. There came a time when he slapped them. Mushfiqur apologized to Ahmed through a Facebook post. Meanwhile, Mushfiqur has been fined 2 percent of the sports fee for the act.

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Mushfiqur wrote a post on Facebook on Tuesday apologizing for his behavior on the field. He wrote on Facebook, ‘First of all I would like to officially apologize to my fans and all the spectators for what happened during yesterday’s game. I have already apologized to my teammate Nasum in this team. I apologize to God for my behavior. I always remember that I was a human being and could not stand the behavior I did on the field. I promise that will not come in the future.

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The Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) has also issued a statement saying Rahim has been fined 225 per cent of the game fee for violating the code of conduct. A negative score has also been added to Rahim’s disciplinary record. If Mushfiqur scores four or more negative points in the tournament, he will be banned from the game.