Mukesh Ambani Gautam Adani Net Worth | Top five business tycoons rise during coronavirus epidemic India’s B billionaire business man raises B B billion in Corona

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  • Mukesh Ambani Gautam Adani Net Worth | Top five merchant wealth growth during coronavirus epidemic

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MumbaiThe day before

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  • Billionaires had a combined net worth of १ 194.3.3 billion on December 11.
  • D-Mart owner R.K. Damani’s wealth increased by 7 .711 billion to 4 1.4 billion.

Kovid-1 may have forced the whole world to close at home, but it has been positive for business people. Since the deadly effects of the Corona epidemic began to subside and the economy began to recover slightly, by 2020, India’s billionaires have added $ 1 billion to their fortunes.

Wealth 1 194.3..3 billion dollars

The billionaire index data showed that the combined wealth of these billionaires was as of December 11, with 1.3..39 billion. So far this year it has reached 500 percent. The Indian rupee was at 73 73.64 against the dollar on Friday. That is, 1 billion rupees, 364 crores crores. Gautam Adani, a first-generation entrepreneur building his empire in renewable energy, ports, terminals and logistics, has added जो 21.1 billion to his fortune so far in 2020. At the end of last year, he had assets of .. 11.3 billion. It now stands at .4 32.4 billion.

Mukesh Ambani’s wealth has increased by $ 1.1 billion

The richest Indian businessman Mukesh Ambani has added १ 1.1 billion to his fortune. His total wealth has reached 7 7.7 billion. At the end of last year, his net worth was $$ 6 billion. Ambani owns Reliance Industries, India’s most valuable company. The company dominated oil and gas, telecom and retail. The wealth of India’s vaccine king Cyrus Poonawala has increased by $ 9.91 billion. His fortune has reached $ 1.6 billion. He is the owner of Serum Institute of India.

This company is making Corona medicine. The Pune-based serum is not listed on the stock exchange. Shiva Nadar of HCL Technology and Azim Premji of Wipro have added 6 6 billion.

HCL Tech is the third largest exporter

Nadar’s HCL Tech is India’s third largest IT exporter. He currently has a net worth of अर्ब 22 billion. Wipro’s Premji’s net worth has reached 6 2.6 billion. Corona Scott has created new opportunities for IT companies to find solutions. Well-known investors and hypermarkets D-Mart chain owner R.K. Damani’s wealth has increased from 7 7.11 billion to .4 1.4.4 billion. Now with Dilip Sanghvi of Sun Pharma.

Shares of Adani Company have risen well

Gautam Adani’s stock is strong. Most of the gains were in Adani Green Energy shares. The stock has risen several times. Adani Green’s market cap has increased from Rs 2,400 crore on December 2 to Rs 1.633 billion. Shares of Adani Gas have tripled. Shares of Adani Enterprises rose 1.1 times, while Adani Transmission shares rose 28%. Shares of Adani Power have declined by 27.1.1% during the period.

Mukesh Ambani’s companies are listed.

Although Mukesh Ambani has six companies listed in India, most of his income comes from Reliance Industries. The highest market cap on the BSE is Rs 13.66 lakh crore. This is 5.5 lakh lakh crore by December, 2019. He also has huge gains in shares of five other companies. The BSE Sensex has risen 11.5% in recent years.