“Motivational excerpts”: Son, daughter on Twitter spat over Pranab’s memoir | Indian News

NEW DELHI: The final volume of the memoir written by the late former president Pranab Mukherjee sparked a furious Twitter feud among his own children. Daughter Sharmistha Mukherjee beat son Abhijit to oppose its publication.
Earlier in the day, Pranab’s son, Abhijit Mukherjee, said he wanted to review the contents of the memoir, scheduled for publication in January, and demanded that the publication be halted until he gives his written consent.
“I, the Son of the author of The Memorial“ The Presidential Memoirs ”kindly ask you to stop the publication of the memoir as well as motivated excerpts that are already floating on some media platforms without my written consent,” Abhijit, former Congressman. MP, said on Twitter and tagged the publishers.

He said he would like to review the contents of the final copy before the memoir is published, adding that his late father would have done the same.

“Therefore, being his son, I ask You to immediately cease its publication without my written consent until I have reviewed its contents! I have already sent you a detailed letter in this regard, which will reach you soon!” he added.

Just hours after the tweets, Pranab’s daughter, Sharmistha, slapped her brother for creating “unnecessary obstacles” in the publication and said people should refrain from preventing the publication of the book for “cheap advertising”.

“I, daughter of the author of the memoir ‘The Presidential Years’, are asking my brother @ABHIJIT_LS not to create unnecessary obstacles in publishing the last book written by our father. He completed the manuscript before he fell ill,” she said. seriously of the tweets.

Sharmistha, who is the national spokesman for the Congress, told Abhijit that any attempts to stop the release of the memorial would be the greatest harm “to our deceased father”.

“The final draft contains my father’s handwritten notes and comments, which have been strictly complied with. The opinions expressed by him are his and no one should try to prevent it from being published for any cheap advertising. That would be the greatest harm to our late father, she said.
Calling Abhijit’s gaffe, she further said, “Btw bro, the title of the book is” The Presidential Years, “not” The Presidential Memoirs. ”

The Twitter dispute comes just days after controversial excerpts from the upcoming memoir were released, which blamed Pranab Congress President Sonia Gandhi for the 2014 Lok Sabha failure.

In the book, Pranab blamed Congress leader Sonia Gandhi and UPA Prime Minister Manmohan Singh for the massive defeat in polls in 2014 that brought Narendra Modi-led BJP to power. He also seems to suggest that there was an opinion in Congress that he may have been a better prime minister than Singh.