Many Pune schools suspend online classes for 3 days to protest non-payment of a fee

Written by Alifiya Khan | Pune |

Updated: December 15, 2020 9:32:48 PM

Last week the local education department gave notices to many city schools due to complaints that online classes had stopped due to non-payment of school fees. (Representative)

About 1,000 schools in Pune and Pimpri-Chinchwad are expecting a three-day cessation of educational activity to protest non-payment of a fee by a majority of students as of December 15th.

Representatives of the Association of Federation of Helpless Private Schools of Maharashtra announced on Monday afternoon that the protest is a warning against a major shutdown in the coming months, unless “able-bodied parents” pay.

“Since the beginning of June, we have started offering online classes to students keeping in mind that educational and learning outcomes should not suffer because of the pandemic. Our faculty had to stand up to the situation and learn new skills and techniques to keep students engaged and ensure learning. While our members have given concessions for parents facing financial difficulties and approached school boards, we have found that many parents unable to pay fees fail to do what has now made us unable to operate operations, ”said Shridhar Iyer, secretary of the school association.

Last week the local education department notified many city schools due to complaints that online classes had been discontinued due to non-payment of school fees. While local education authorities have threatened schools by disregarding and repealing a Certificate of No Objection, which is mandatory to administer schools in the state, the private school association’s movement is viewed as retaliation.

“We compiled data from across schools and found that about 30 percent of parents paid the fees and about 10 to 15 percent of parents accessed schools with financial difficulties. The other half simply stopped all communication, neither paid fees nor accessed school. In fact, many blocked schools. numbers or refuse to talk, thinking they will avoid paying fees this year. But schools have salaries to be paid to teachers and employees, rents, EMIs. Everything is becoming unmanageable. Parents who have paid fees are demanding to know why others are leaving without paying, ”he said. Rajendra Singh, president of the association.

School boards have threatened that the upcoming strike is just an indication of what will happen before January if the fee is not paid. “Schools have no money left to run operations, so even if they want to, they can’t. If fees are not yet paid, we may completely stop teaching activities from January for all students, ”Singh added.

Members said parents who paid the dues protested the three-day suspension. According to school owners, paying parents require that online education continue for their children, in addition to those who have not paid.

“But we have no choice, government representatives said we cannot drop some students or they will revoke our NOCs. So we have no choice but to stop teaching for all students because we have no money to operate anyway,” Singh said.

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