Mamata Banerjee: BJP spending to raise AIMIM to split Islamic votes, says Mamata Banerjee | Indian News

JALPAIGURI: West Bengal prime minister Mamata Banerjee Tuesday hit the BJP to try to import Asaduddin Owaisi‘s CELO in Bengal to sharpen the common polarization and share the Indo-Muslim voices among themselves.
The All India Majlis-e-Ittehad-ul-Muslimeen (AIMIM) after its good performance in the polls of the assembly of Bihar has announced to compete in next year’s Bengali polls.
In the just finished Bihar elections, the AIMIM won five seats in the Seemanchal region at the border of West Bengal.
“To divide the Muslim votes, BJP is spending crores of rupees to bring a party from Hyderabad. The plan is for BJP to eat into Hindu votes, and this Hyderabad party will eat into Muslim votes.
“In the recent Bihar elections, they did the same thing. This party is a B-team of the BJP,” Banerjee said speaking here.
Political parties in West Bengal fear that political equations in the community polarized state witness major changes as the influence of non-BJP parties over minorities, a key factor in several seats, appears to be set for a rigid challenge with AIMIM announcing that it will enter the polls in Bengal.
A decisive factor in nearly 100-110 seats in the state, the 30 percent Muslim population, until 2019, acted as a bastion of the TMC against its rivals, with a majority of them voting in favor of the party, considering it a “credible” force that can withstand the saffron wave.
A section of the TMC leadership fears that with the entry of AIMIM, equations are likely to change.
Elections to the 294-member West Bengal assembly will be held in April-May next year.