Mamata Banerjee Attacks Trinamool Congress Rebels

Mamata Banerjee has criticized some party leaders as opportunists as elections approach


In her first campaign in North Bengal ahead of next year’s assembly election, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee today made a rare reference to Trinamool Congress leaders who appear to rebel against the party, attacking them for the benefit of the party’s success but failing to remain loyal.

Her attack on the alleged rebels comes on the day when her former minister Suvendu Adhikari attacked the Trinamool Congress, without naming any party, for nepotism and its “outside” campaign against BJP.

Mr Adhikari, a member of parliament for Trinamool Congress from Nandigram, resigned as minister on 27 November. Official confirmation is expected, but he may join the BJP later this week, coinciding with Interior Minister Amit Shah’s visit to West Bengal.

“We will stand with people and fight with them. That is our promise. Who is bigger than who in the party should not be the issue. After profit of the party for 10 years, after profit of being part of the government, to hobnob with this and that party … I will not tolerate such people, ”Ms Banerjee said today.

“The workers with the party 365 days will have to try the test. If you made mistakes, correct yourself. The old and the new workers must cooperate. Don’t worry who is bigger, A or B or C … When it comes to war, the only dream is to win the war. The only goal is to expel the BJP from Bengal, “Banerjee said.

Mr Adhikari said they needed to bring back to West Bengal what the Constitution says – “for the people, for the people and for the people.”

“Why will it be for the party, from the party and from the party here? I don’t believe in personal attacks. A lot of people abuse me. Some people attack me from big posters. But in a few days, you’ll let me know when people vote , “said Mr. Adhikari.