‘LeBron James did nothing’: LaVar Ball explains why the Lakers were forced to trade Lonzo Ball

LaVar Ball came up with an explanation defending LeBron James as to why Lonzo Ball was traded by the Lakers.

Lonzo was one of the main pieces sent to New Orleans by the Lakers in exchange for an acquisition by Anthony Davis. The arrival of the most talented big man in the NBA has strengthened them endlessly. The Lakers Nation sang to first place in the Conference before putting aside any competition in the playoffs.

LeBron had a smaller role on the team than in any of his previous championship runs. GM Rob Pelinka did an amazing job putting together an excellent list around him. He improved this offseason, basically improving on all of last season’s underdogs.

LaVar was engaged in AMA today. His answers to some questions are pretty excellent, and worth reading.

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LaVar Ball explains why LeBron James didn’t say anything about Lonzo Ball’s business

Many believe the story that LeBron has a GM-like word about the list of any team he joins. LaVar refused to feed the LeGM story into the AMA, firmly pinning the Lonzo business on the boardroom.

“LeBron did nothing. It was just the training there. Coaches didn’t know how to play LeBron and Lonzo together. You saw they brought in one new guy and they won a championship, it was that simple. “

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Considering how the trade turned out for both sides, it is unlikely that either David Griffin or Rob Pelinka will lose sleep over it. LaVar certainly doesn’t seem to be. He seems prominently pleased with the roles of his sons on Pelicans and Oysters. Only time will tell which Ball brother will be better – LaMelo or Lonzo.