Kumkum Bhagya update, December 14: Pragya’s life at risk amid the jewel theft

The latest episode of Kumkum Bhagya begins with Pragya asking God what she has to do with her life. Pragya is confused as to whether she should go back to Abhi, who is marrying someone else.

Meera and Pragya meet each other. They think about their respective conversations with Abhi. Meera leaves, Pragya stops her and thanks her for taking care of Rhea all those years.

Pragya tells that she is indebted towards her for life and there is anything she could do for her.

Tony dismisses the staff, and plans the theft of a 50-crore necklace. Meera informs Another that she has met Pragya. Another tells her that she is guilty for saying yes to marrying Abhi because she does not want to hurt Pragya at all.

Another tells Meera that Pragya is good at manipulating people, and she does the same with her as well.

Another asks Meera if she loves Abhi and wants to marry Abhi. Meera says, “yes.”

The jeweler makes Pragya try on the Rs 50 crore necklace. Rea reacts and says that Abhi belongs to Meera and not to Pragya. Rea reacts to Pragya and Prachi robbers who only steal people from them, just as Prachi stole Abhi and Ranbir from her.

The jeweler calls Abhi and asks if Meera is his wife or Pragya. A jeweler asks Tony to remove the necklace from Pragya’s neck.

The gorillas rob the jewelry, and Tony thinks they can’t leave without taking the color of 50 million. Tony says if he doesn’t take off the necklace, he will behead Pragya and take the ornament.