Kharma 2020 Kharma is starting from December 15 which will not be auspicious at this time

Somavati New Moon 2020: Today is Somavati New Moon and the last solar eclipse of the year 2020, do you know the significance?

What happens Of

When the Sun enters Jupiter’s Sagittarius and Pisces, it becomes bitter because Jupiter is weakened by the Sun. Therefore, not all good deeds like marriage, shaving, house entry etc. are done in Kharma, because for good deeds it is necessary to see Jupiter. It’s not a good idea to start a new job this month. Engagement, start of house construction, entry of new house etc. have not been completed.

What to do in Kharma? Of

This is the perfect time to donate. At this time, the result of charity and charity is more fruitful. During this month, the poor should donate food, clothing, etc. This removes the pain of the ominous planets. This month is also good for chanting and meditation. During this month, meditation, worship, mantra chanting is very beneficial. Planetary faults are removed by burning Navagraha.

Things to do in Kharma:

1. If Jupiter is in Sagittarius in the horoscope, good deeds can be done in this month as well.

2. Kharma has no obligation to do good deeds or perform religious rituals. So, you can do this kind of work this month.

Mat. Karmat, Jatkarma and Annaprashan etc. can be done during this period if a decision has already been taken.

You. If you are paying homage to someone in Gaya, there is no kharama bond in it either.

Court. Marriage does not pose any obstacle to court marriage. Therefore the courts can be merged.

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