India vs Australia Virat Kohli can break Ricky Ponting to set world record in first day night Test against Australia

New Delhi The first game of the four-match Test series between India and Australia will be very important. Indian captain Virat Kohli will leave India for the birth of his first child after playing the game. The first game of the series will be Day Night which is going to be the first time between India and Australia. In this game, Kohli will have the opportunity to set a world record by beating former Australia captain Ricky Ponting.

The Pink Ball Test between India and Australia in Adelaide will be crucial for the Indian captain. He will return to India after this game and wants to end the journey with good innings. If Kohli can score a century, he will record a big name for himself. At the end of the century, he will take the name of former Australia captain Ricky Ponting.

Kohli will have a world record

The Indian captain will have the opportunity to overtake Ricky Ponty overt in the Adelaide Test. As a captain, Virat has scored a captain’s century so far. Kohli will overtake him in scoring a century. Ponty scored the century after 24 centuries, while Kohli can only do so in the 188th game. If Kohli scores a century, it will be a world record.

Kohli has scored 21 centuries as captain in ODI cricket and 20 centuries in Tests. Ponty ODI scored 22 centuries in 1T Test and ODI cricket. Kohli scored 51,142 runs in 90 Tests as captain. He has an average of 611 and is unbeaten on 2 of 4.

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