India v Australia Gavaskar picks Habshav Pant as keeper of Ripman Saha and Shubman Gill picks Prithvi Shaw as opener.

Great batsman Sunil Gavaskar is confident that in the four-Test series against Australia starting on Thursday, the Indian team management should field the aggressive Habshav Pant as the wicketkeeper. Gavaskar, who completed 10,000 runs in Test cricket, said Pant would make the Indian batting order flexible in the first Test. In the second practice match, Pant scored 103 off 73 balls. He said it would be difficult for the selection committee as Kar Shaw had played four Tests four years ago. He also scored a century and performed well behind the wicket. Also, if he scored a century a few days ago, he should be a management option.

He said he prefers Pant to Sah who is technically more capable of wicketkeeping as the Australian pitch is not challenging for wicketkeeping. He said the ball takes a turn on the pitch, there is a need for the best wicketkeeper and Sah would be the first choice. But here the wicketkeeper could be a little behind the stumps and would have been the right choice if he had more time.

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Gavaskar and Alan Border urged Shubman Gill to start this instead of Prithvi Shaw with Manak Agrawal. Gavaskar said the Indian top order is still volatile. Mayank Agrawal is an opener but who will come with him. Shuman Gill or Prithvi Sh. Gill scored 0, 2, and 43 and scored 65 runs in two practice matches while Shale scored 0, 11, 400 and runs.

“I saw Gill batting in Sydney and I was very impressed,” Border said. He has good technique and some shots are immature due to his age but he is a good batsman. I will only choose him. The village said Shelley would have to do more work on her baton. The opener needs time to play the new ball well. He will have to strengthen his immunity. He also said that he expects the best from Mayank Agrawal.

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