Imran Khan: Ginger has risen to Rs 1,000 per kg due to inflation in Pakistan – the price of vegetables in Pakistan has reached a record level, in Rawalpindi today ginger has reached Rs 1,000.


  • The price of vegetables in Pakistan is after flour and pulses
  • In Rawalpindi, a kg of ginger has reached Rs 1,000 per kg
  • PM Imran Khan’s ex-wife Rahman Khan tweeted

The unexpected rapid rise in vegetable prices in Pakistan is a shock. Also, Prime Minister Imran Khan is backing down on the demand to reduce the price of sugar. Imran Khan’s ex-wife Rehman Khan tweeted a video from a Pakistani news channel that a kilo of ginger is being sold in Rawalpindi for Rs 1,000. The price of Capsicum has also reached Rs. There was a row about flour in Pakistan a month ago.

Imran Khan is standing behind him
Two days ago, Imran Khan tweeted that sugar is now being sold at Rs 811 in his country. Praising himself, he said that due to his government’s policy, the price of sugar sold at Rs 102 last month has come down to Rs 811. He also praised his team for reducing the price.

Pakistan is short of food
Pakistan is facing food shortage these days. Pakistan had earlier exported onions to the world. Now he will have to import to reduce the price of his country’s onions. Imran Khan has been holding regular meetings with the cabinet and officials to reduce the price of flour and sugar.

Screaming for bread in Pakistan, crying heads and starving Pakistanis for three days
Recorded by the price of wheat
Wheat prices in Pakistan are on record this year. It has reached the highest price of Rs 2,2400 per kg in history. At the same time, there are signs that the government’s efforts to control inflation and provide food security have failed. The situation in the country looked very bad last December when the price of wheat reached Rs 2,000 per kg. This record was broken in October this year.

In the war against the opposition, Imran forgot the people
Imran Khan is currently running the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM), an alliance of opposition parties. Crowds gathered at the opposition’s anti-government rally woke him up. At the same time, the opposition unity is bent on removing Imran Khan from power at any cost. The Pakistani army has also left the air with Imran Khan.