If you sell your soul …: Amarinder Singh condemns Arvind Kejriwal – If you sell your life …: Amarinder Singh attacks Arvind Kejriwal

Amarinder Singh said, “Every Punjabi knows that I have not been caught in any false case … They also know that if you achieve your goal you will sell your soul. The whole world has seen how you have sold the interests of farmers by informing black law.” Why? Why did you do that? “

He said, “What kind of pressure did the Center put on you? Or can your miserable government bend them again tomorrow to address the crisis of Kovid?”

In response, Arvind Kejriwal said that agricultural law was Punjab’s “gift to the nation”. The Delhi Chief Minister tweeted, “You joined the committee that drafted those bills. These bills are your ‘gift’ to the nation. Captain Sir, BJP leaders never accuse you of such double standards. As they accuse all other leaders?”

Amarinder Singh, who had earlier called Kejriwal a “liar” and a “disgusting friend”, also exposed the incident of 2018 when the Delhi Chief Minister apologized to Akali Dal Vikram Mathija for asking for drugs. He said Punjab saw him “flattered for fear of a minor defamation case”.

The Punjab chief minister said unlike Kejriwal, whose Aam Aadmi Party is the state’s main opposition party, he “always did the right thing to his people”.

In his statement, Amarinder Singh said, “The coward ran away from fear and apologized in a defamation case.” He is unable to defend himself and is busy “protecting himself from the wrath of the farmer” so that he can get his party to vote in the upcoming assembly elections.

After informing one of the three controversial agricultural laws at the Center, Amarinder Singh has started attacking the ruling Aam Aadmi Party in Delhi. Reports said the notice was issued on November 23, three days after farmers began marching in Delhi. However, many have said that the report is not true.

Kejriwal on Sunday reiterated his support for the farmers and said they would join the one-day hunger strike on Monday. Last week, he visited Singh on the Delhi-Haryana border where a large group of farmers are camping. He said he came as a “servant”.